Instructor, 2022 - presentCarleton UniversityDepartment of Philosophy
Research Fellow, 2022 - presentUniversity of Baltimore Hoffberger Center for Professional Ethics
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Postdoctoral Fellow, 2020 - 2022University of TorontoDepartment of Philosophy
Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor, 2019University of North Carolina at Chapel HillDepartment of Philosophy
PhD Philosophy, 2019McGill University



Using and Abusing Moorean Arguments, Journal of the American Philosophical Association (2021)

Abstract: Metaethical Mooreanism is the view that without being able to explain how we know certain moral claims we can nevertheless be sure that we do know them. In this paper I focus on the Moorean argument against moral error theory. I conclude that it fails. To show this failure, I first distinguish Moorean claims from Moorean arguments, and then so-called presumptive support from dialogical support. With these distinctions in place, I argue that the key Moorean claim requires dialogical support in order to be used within the Moorean argument against moral error theory, but metaethical Mooreans have only provided presumptive support for the Moorean claim. Not only is this presumptive support inadequate for fending off the moral error theory, it is doubtful that Mooreans can actually provide dialogical support for the key Moorean claim.

Incoherent Abortion Exceptions, Journal of Social Philosophy (2020)

Abstract: There has recently been an expansion of anti-abortion measures in the United States. Within these various measures there is a divide over certain exceptions: some States permit abortion for pregnancies caused by rape while other States do not. This paper explores the underlying moral justification for such exceptions. I argue that within the dominant moral framework for reproductive ethics these exceptions are incoherent by their own lights. But this is not a defense of an exceptionless anti-abortion position. Rather, because the typical way of making such exceptions is incoherent, this shows why the anti-abortion movement is dangerous: as these incoherencies are acknowledged, this may lead to ever stricter measures being put in place. I end by suggesting that those who are sympathetic to these exceptions should find it easier to move to a pro-choice position rather than to a more extreme, exceptionless one.

Public Philosophy

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Talking about moral praise and electric cars on The Mike Farwell Show 570 AM Kitchener (August 2021)

"Why driving an electric vehicle might not be morally praiseworthy", The Conversation (August 2021)

"If you're pro-life, you might already be pro-choice", The Conversation (September 2020)

Under Review

[a coauthored paper on moral self-deception]
[a paper on what all moral judgments have in common]
[a paper on evolutionary debunking arguments]
[a paper on moral intuitionism]



(15) Winter 2023 PHIL 4100/5000 Seminar in Ethics, Carleton University(14) Winter 2023 PHIL 1000 Introductory Philosophy, Carleton University(13) Fall 2022 PHIL 3340 Topics in Contemporary Social and Political Philosophy, Carleton University(12) Fall 2022 PHIL 2408 Bioethics, Carleton University(11) Fall 2022 PHIL 1000 Introductory Philosophy, Carleton University(10) Fall 2021 PHL 341 Freedom, Responsibility, and Human Action, University of Toronto(9) Winter 2021 PHL 407 Seminar in Ethics, University of Toronto(8) Fall 2020 PHL 407 Seminar in Ethics, University of Toronto(5-7) Spring 2020 PHIL 111 Contemporary Moral Issues (x3), Texas A&M University(4) Fall 2019 PHIL 165 Bioethics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill(3) Spring 2019 PHIL 112 Making Sense of Ourselves, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill(2) Fall 2017 PHL 3320 Contemporary Ethical Theory, Carleton University(1) Fall 2015 PHIL 334 Ethical Theory, McGill University